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80% of Spinal Surgeries are NOT Successful

       80%. This is according to Spine Medical journal, the premier medical journal with all things related to the spine. 80% is a big number. So why are so Many people having surgeries, because they don’t know the power of chiropractic. I had a former patient come to see me after some time away from care, he said he had a surgical consult that week and wanted my opinion because he trusted me. He had degenerative arthritic changes in his spine with a couple herniations, (he needs to be under my care). There was inflammation in his spinal column causing him symptoms, so the surgical recommendation was to remove part of the bone of not just c2, but c3, c4, c5, c6 and c7, to ease up the pressure, allowing the neck muscles to hold stability in the spine and give him relief.

Herniated Disc        He looked at me and said what do you think, After regaining consciousness, I said this plan is crazy, and yes, that was a technical term. What makes chiropractic different is we address the cause of the problem, we ask why is there pressure built up in the spine, why is there axial pressure causing the herniations, why is degeneration occurring. This all stems from the spinal subluxation, creating tension on the dura, the layer surrounding the spinal cord, interfering with the nerve roots exiting the spine. So what’s our plan, to begin a subluxation correction phase. This phase will restore alignment and function of the spine, removing interference from the nervous system and allowing the body to heal itself. Can I help him, yes, I know I can, and I will update you in a few months on his success.

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