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With all the talk on this site about achieving health in the three dimensions of stress, rest assured, we gladly accept and help individuals injured in Workers Compensation and No Fault Cases.  

 Yes, our office accepts both Workers Compensation and No Fault Case insurances. But know you are not going to go through the motions the “pain centers” put you through. The care we give in our office has always been about using state of the art technology to detect areas of interference in your Nervous System,  and correct them to get your body to function better.   

The sooner you call after the Workers Compensation or No-Fault Injury, the sooner results are achieved.  

 Our office will help you navigate through the initial paperwork needed, so we can then focus on restoring your health.   We work with your Workers Compensation/No-Fault  representative or attorney to make the process easier for you.

Call our office immediately to get started!