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Sayegh Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Sayegh Family Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. Yours in Health, Dr. Peter Sayegh

Sitting Straighter & Breathing Better

Relief from Headaches & Losing Weight

Pharmacist/Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor

Frozen Shoulder

Children Getting their Power Turned On

Improvements in Mental clarity and Physical performance

Very Polite and Understanding

“Still, an ongoing process so cannot give a definitive answer yet but Peter is very polite and understanding and the work he does I can say for sure helps there a good days and bad days some days excruciating pain some days not so much after he works on me overall I would give him a very good rating.”

I Was Impressed

“I was impressed how clean, homey, friendly & knowledgeable Dr Sayegh & his staff are! They make you feel comfortable & at home, listens to you & answer all your questions, plus he approaches your problems with your overall health in mind, not just to address your pain, but the possible underlying causes of pain. I would definitely recommend his practice to my family & friends!”

Sciatica and Herniated Disc

“The office is very clean and welcoming. Great staff and when it came down to the treatment. YES!!! From the first adjustment, I knew I made the right choice in choosing his chiropractic care. I immediately felt the difference in body pain and posture. I Will recommend to friends family and anyone else suffering back pain or like me from sciatica pain due to a herniated disc.”

Pain Free

“I consider myself fortunate to have met Dr Sayegh. I had an accident and broke my femur in late August 2019. I was operated on and spent a month in therapy in Ct. upon release attended out patient therapy. Because of the pandemic I was unable to attend physical therapy as the rehab was housed in a small space. This made me anxious about returning. A friend suggested Dr. Sayegh and I arrived in his office 2 months ago and was in pain. The leg and back pain would wake me up at night. I can say I have a ways to go but I am pain free and headed in the right direction. The office is quiet, clean and well organized. Thanks for all you do.”

Best Service

“Great service from the moment I walked through the door. Nice touch being greeted with my name on a white board on the front desk. Prior to being seen I was shown an introduction video detailing the wellness program and it’s importance, another nice touch. The best service I’ve received in a long, long time. Everyone was highly personable and professional.”


“Dr. Sayegh has PREVENTED me from getting another cortisone injection in my hip for the second time, since the first one wore off and I was in excruciating pain. I believe this is a miracle and also greatly appreciate his guidance to the path of a healthier lifestyle.”

Ready For Race

Thank you for adjusting me. I felt so much better and was ready for my race.

Informative, Knowledgeable

Very informative, knowledgeable, and treatments make a huge difference. The office is very family friendly, I don’t worry about bringing my 2.5yr old son- who also gets adjusted.

Felt Very Comfortable

Dr. Sayegh made my family and I feel very comfortable. He was detailed and answered all of our questions. We are so glad we met with him and we look forward to coming back on a weekly basis.

Never Rushed

Dr. Sayegh makes you feel like you are his only patient, full attention is given- never rushed.

Feeling a Lot Better

Dr. Sayegh and his office have been great since my very 1st appt. I’m visiting from out of town and was able to get an appt right away. They’ve also been very flexible and accommodating when I’ve needed to adjust my appt times. Overall I’ve felt comfortable every visit, understand the current process, and after 4 visits I’m feeling a lot better already. Would definitely recommend his services.

In Great Hands

Your personality makes everyone you meet relaxed & feel in great hands!

I Have Less Pain

I had constant lower back pain, tension in my back and shoulders. Since I began chiropractic care with Dr. Sayegh, I have less pain, better mobility, and better mood!

Feel Better Feel Happy

Before I began receiving the adjustments, I was under a lot of pain, slowly I began to walk better, my whole body feels better and I feel happier about my condition over all.

Most Impressed

I’m most impressed with how comfortable this office makes me feel, I come here because of the friendly service, the educational lessons given by Dr. Sayegh and because I feel Physically Better.

Thank You!

Dr. Sayegh, you tell me why things may or may not change and you give me options to eat better. So I can feel better as a person! Thank you!


Dr. Sayegh is very caring and knowledgeable.

Top Notch

Love Dr. Peter and his office staff! This is top notch service committed to true health!

More Than I Expected

The experience was more than what I expected, hence why I will continue to go to this wellness center. I would recommend it to the world.


I want to acknowledge the professionalism and caring attitude of yourself and your staff. I have never been made to feel so welcomed as when I first walked into your office. It was very refreshing and so wonderful to see how much you and your staff care about your patients.

Awesome Practice

This is an awesome practice and you can tell that Dr. Sayegh really cares about the well being of his patients. He takes the time to explain to his patients what is actually happening to their body and makes sure that the patient truly understands what they’re doing to their bodies. Overall a wonderful experience and I know for a fact I can trust Dr. Sayegh.

My Life has Changed for the Better


Lorraine F.

Hi, my name is Lorraine F. I am happy, out-going, energetic and getting more and more healthy every day. Nearly 2 months ago, I would have never anticipated the way that I feel about life now. I had taken almost every diet pill on the market, tried money exhausting exercise programs that were not really motivating. I was always tired and I had begun to feel extreme pain in my back and body. I had constant headaches for the past 10 years and had been taking up to 18 Advils per day. Carrying Advils and Motrins was a must for me. My life was severely stressful both at home and at work and on most days I just didn’t want to wake up. Read more…

One Monday morning in late November 2007, I was walking to work as I normally did everyday and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and all of a sudden my left leg gave out. I nearly fell to the ground and I struggled to walk the remaining 1 ½ blocks to get to work. The next 2 days the pain got progressively worse and it began to start earlier in my walk. I went to my doctor and they ran tests and found nothing. I was thought to have a thyroid problem. I was given sleeping medication because I hadn’t been sleeping well, muscle relaxers and pain medication. I took the muscle relaxers, but they did not help. I did not take anything else except for my current daily doses of 6 Advils at least twice a day, sometimes 3 times per day. I went back to my doctor, still looking and feeling terrible. I had no kind of energy and every day was a drag. It was a big blur from day to day. I felt like a hamster in a never ending wheel of torture. My doctor could find nothing else to help me and he referred me to a chiropractor by the name of Dr. Peter Sayegh. He told me that Dr. Sayegh was practicing new technology and would perhaps be able to help me. I went to Dr. Sayegh the very same day and he explained how there may be something wrong with my nervous system (which is connected to your spine). Your nervous system has an effect on every part of your body and if you have subluxations in your spine it can affect everything. Dr. Sayegh adjusted my back and then arranged for me to have my spine scanned. I had a series of testing done and found out that I had a herniated disk in my lower spine. I also had nerve testing done and found out that my left side is weaker than the right side of my body. Dr. Sayegh told me about a program that he was participating in called Creating Wellness. He told me that an assessment is done at the beginning of the program and a wellness quotient is used to determine how well you actually are. Well, imagine my surprise to find out that my wellness quotient was 59. This qualified me as being very challenged. After finding out the benefits of being on the creating wellness program I decided to try it. I had my family against me because they thought it was too expensive and would be useless. I went on with it anyway because I knew that I couldn’t go on feeling as sick as I always had been. I have been on the program for 6 weeks now. I follow the exercises and the meal plans as they are. I listen to the CD’s and read my weekly logs. Sometimes I eat something out of the plan but I am careful no to eat too much or too often. The exercises are fun and make me feel really good early in the morning. I take all of my supplements. I have not remembered feeling as good as I do now in a very long time. I feel like every day is a breath of fresh air. I have not had a headache in nearly 2 months. No more Advil or Motrin! I sleep better and the pain in my lower back has decreased. My life has changed- for the better! I don’t get sick as often as I used to and if I do feel symptoms coming, they usually last a very short time.I have higher self- esteem, I’m not as stressed out as I used to be, I have an incredible amount of energy, I eat healthier, and I’m excited about what my future holds. I look forward to the rest of the program and to the continuation of my lifestyle change. I really feel like sky’s the limit now! At my 5 week assessment I found out that I lost 5 lbs., decreased my body fat, and increased my muscle mass. My wellness quotient is now 85 and I can’t wait to see what it will be at week 15! Thank you, I couldn’t have done any of this without Creating Wellness and Dr. Sayegh. This program has not just changed my eating habits, but has also changed my entire life. From my way of thinking, to the way I handle stress. I finally feel like I am truly taking care of myself. I used to think I would die in my 40’s because every female in my family has died in their 40’s. Now I feel like I could live past 100! It’s awesome to feel this way everyday that I wake up! I still have an off day here and there, but nothing at all compared to”my past life”. Now I AM LIVING!!!! I hope that many get inspired and finally decide to live too. Thanks!

Help with Menstural Cycle

I am a 40 something year old woman who has always suffered with a horrible pain and a GOD awful menstrual cycle. Since, I was about 13 years old, I have always suffered. When I married and had children and then used oral contraceptives which made the pain was bearable and lighted my flow. Now, I am pre menopausal and no longer want to continue taking birth control pills because the cause more problems now that I am older and is not a real solution to my problem. So… my body had reverted back to when I was 13 years old, severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding which of course changed my mood and how I dealt with things and people. Imagine being in extreme pain and heavy bleeding for two weeks of every month for years…. Read more…

In July 2010, my son and I was in a car accident and both of us was experiencing back pain and my mother recommended Dr. Sayegh. Reluctantly, I made an appointment and I thought to myself, another doctor??? I absolutely love Dr. Sayegh he is more than just a chiropractor, he is a wellness doctor and within 30 days my pain was gone. I also realized I did not have any headaches because I also suffer from migraines. Dr. Sayegh’s approach to health is the amazing. He did not prescribe drugs which other doctors had as a solution which has only caused other problems. Dr. Sayegh helped me realize that I did not have to live with pain and it was not a part of BEING a woman. Thank you Dr. Sayegh wellness is the way to go! Now, I am a happy 40 something year old woman :-)!!!

A Second Chance at Life

I remember when I first walked into Dr. Sayegh office. It was bright, warm and welcoming. However, I was not in a place to appreciate any of the benefits and information I would receive in the upcoming visits. I am a 24 year old female. I graduated from college with Bachelors in Psychology in 2006. I had a job with a successful company, a boyfriend and I lived at home with my mother. read more»

Underneath all of the things I just mentioned was a very blue and sad young woman. I started seeing a therapist because I had extreme stress and anxiety that I had trouble dealing with on my own. I was prescribed Xanax for my anxiety attacks, which seemed to be at the peak when I was at work or experiencing personal issues. In addition to my anxiety attacks, I had numerous other health issues I was battling daily. One in particular that I was have constant trouble with was stomach pains, everyday I could count on my stomach being upset and giving me problems. In addition to that, I had headaches, sleeping issues, chest pains and the most bothersome was the recurrent bacterial infection and yeast infection I would get every couple of weeks. These infections came like clock work and with that came stress and lack of confidence in my self esteem. I took numerous trips to different doctors to figure out what was wrong with me and how they could help. The list of doctors included a gynecologist, oncology, allergist, gastroenterologist, therapist and internal medicine. After all of these visits, I still had had recurrent infections, headaches, and serve itchy skin. I remember crying myself to sleep and thinking horrible negative thoughts constantly. One thing led to another and it just seemed like everything was spiraling out of control and downhill. I was tired of taking medication that was not working, or just a temporary fix for what seem like long term problems. Things at work, home and with my boyfriend were not good and I was down and out. I felt like I had no where to turn and I was tired. I had plenty of friends and family, but I felt they were tired of hearing about my issues; everyone has their own lives to deal with. Unfortunately, I tried to take my life, by overdosing on prescription medication. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, after my mother found me passed out. I spent two days in the hospital on with people watching me 24-7. After that I was transferred to another facility, where I had limited to no contact with the outside world. I was prescribed medication for depression and I had to prove to the doctor and a team of healthcare workers that I was ready to go back into my everyday life. They asked me constantly if I was going to hurt myself or anyone else. I spent a week proving to myself and other people that I was ready to live. I am happy that my attempt failed. I had a second chance to live the way I wanted to. My mother, who is a phenomenal woman and person, supported me more than I ever thought anyone would. My mother recommended that I see Dr. Sayegh and she said he thought this was a good idea also. I had no idea that my entire world was going to be changing more than it had already. After my first visit and adjustment I was excited to go back. I can’t say that I have ever been excited to visit any doctor’s office. I left Dr. Sayegh’s office thinking about how my nervousness system had an effect on everything else with my body and well being. I never thought that feeling better or being well was a simple as Dr. Sayegh explained to me. I must admit I was not taking good care of myself before, but I am committed to living a long, healthy and happier life. After a few adjustments, within a matter of a week, I no longer had stomach pains. I was sleeping better and I felt good. I attribute this to not only my adjustments, but thinking more positive and taking Probiotics, which was helping build me up. I am extremely happy to have found such an inspirational and knowledge doctor who is always willing to answer and explain any question I may have concerning my health or any of my loved ones. I am always recommending that people visit Dr. Sayegh, he is a miracle worker. If someone would have told me months ago, I would be feeling healthier and happier the way I feel today, I would not have believed them. I am living proof that people get second chances. I am truly grateful to all the wonderful people that have supported and helped me through my journey. I take one day at a time and remember I all the positive influences I have in my life.