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Have you heard of GMO's yet?

GMO’s: Genetically Modified Organisms.

Currently 68 countries around the world have either banned or labeled GMO’s, but they are in 70% of the food in your supermarket! They are also made by the same company responsible for Agent Orange and DDT.  Concerned yet? Monsanto is the biggest pesticide company in the world and maker of the product RoundUp (a chemical), which now makes seeds RoundUp ready. By using a chemical called BT toxin, Roundup is inserted into the genetic makeup of seeds so crops can better withstand the chemicals poured on them. The purpose was to use less pesticide, but the opposite has happened.



So you may be thinking, what’s the reason that countries have banned or labeled this process?

The turning point happened about a year ago, many studies have shown the negative health effects of GMO’s, but the biggest was published by France.  60% of lab rats that were fed GMO’s developed cancer. You read that right, 60%. Third generation rats that were also fed GMO’s were completely infertile, not to mention allergies (YES, this is a BIG reason your children have so many found allergies), kidney issues, GI problems and many more.

The right to label GMO’s in the states is a hot topic.

The processes have begun in many states, but unfortunately those processes are opposed by lawmakers who are financially funded by companies like Monsanto.

The way RoundUp is designed is to kill insects is by rupturing its stomach. Now when humans are ingesting GMO’s our gut is negatively affected. Those who know me know I always harp on good gut health. Your gut, meaning stomach and intestines, is your second brain. 80% of our immune system is in our gut, poor function leads to inflammatory disease, behavioral problems, psychiatric issues and many more.





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