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If they knew what we knew, they would do what we do.

Your nervous system controls everything, this is a fact. Your body is self-healing and self-regulating, this also is a fact. At this moment, your heart is beating, your liver is functioning, all is happening in your body without you thinking about it. All this is happening under the control of your nervous system, automatically! =)

Now imagine if there is interference in the nervous system causing them to become irritated.

Irritated nerves will affect the signals being relayed between the brain and the body. This interference is known as the Chiropractic Subluxation Complex, or “subluxation“. When these subluxations happen, we don’t necessarily feel them at first. I wish there was a big light on our head that went off when interference is present on these nerves. Then we would know to correct them, but there is no light, and in most cases, no pain. But what does happen is we start to lose function.  Day by day, week by week… We slowly break down, and then one day you feel something, not just pain, because only 10% of the nervous system is pain. It may be fatigue, not sleeping well, sinus issues, menstrual pain… you get the point. Sometimes the damage/degeneration has been there 20 years before the first symptom. So let’s get back to that interference in the nerve. This interference affects the vital life force inside you. It affects how well you adapt to life around you. It affects how you age.

Subluxation Fact What I know?  

I know that my role as a chiropractor removes that interference by delivering a specific chiropractic adjustment. This correction to your spine removes interference. A nervous system that is free of interference improves your potential, improves how well you adapt to the stresses in your life, and adds quality to the later years of your life.  Chiropractic simply makes you a better you.  This is why I do what I do.

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