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The Role of Stress

We all know that our lifestyle causes stress and it affects our health. The connection between the outside world and our health is our Nervous System. But, when most people think of stress, they think about being “stressed out”.

Did you know stress exists in three dimensions, and is both positive and negative?

The three dimensions of stress are physical, bio-chemical, and psychological. I also said positive and negative. Examples of positive physical stressors are having a good workout or a going for a run in the park. Examples of negative stressors is having poor posture or lifting something heavy with poor form. Positive biochemical stress is when your body digests real food such as vegetables; negative would be unhealthy fats, sugar and poor air quality. I think you get the point.Stress

If you are exposed to more negative stress than positive, then you are losing your health, if your exposed to more positive than negative, you are improving. Think of the times when the negative stress increases in your life, that’s when you should increase what you do for yourself; increase the positive, so that you are not breaking down. In order to achieve good Health, you must address all three dimensions together, in order to get the best results.

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