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Why I will Never Get a Flu Shot

36,000 Deaths Per Year!

That sounds like a big number. It is a big number, but it is not Actual, it is an estimate. And you never hear the number mentioned for the flu alone, it is always the Flu and Pneumonia, never the flu alone. I wondered about it, so I did some research. The CDC’s website lists deaths each year and has the flu and pneumonia categorized together. The preliminary data according the CDC for 2011 has the number at 53,667. But look a little closer and you can see the break down. Influenza 1,532 and Pneumonia 52,136. No wonder the numbers are always grouped together, Flue deaths are less than 3% of what they are advertising. Even this number is exaggerated, you see they are estimates, not facts. According to the National Vital Statistics System, annual flu deaths in 2010 amounted to just 500 per year, less than deaths from ulcers (2,977), or hernias (1,832).

In 2001, a year in which death certificates listed 257 Americans as having died of flu, only 18 were positively identified as true flu’s.

The other 239 were simply assumed to be flu. The truth is only about 15-20% of people who think they have the flu actually do, the other 80-85% have flu like symptoms that have other causes such as rhinovirus.

No Thanks Flu Shot!Now for the Flu Shot itself!

Did you know it still contained Thimeresol, the mercury based preservative that is a known neuro-toxin. Mercury and Aluminum in flu shots re the reason why research has proven there is an increase in Alzheimer’s with getting the flu shot 5 consecutive years. Mercury is toxic to the brain, and parents are giving it to their children because they are being told it will help them. Studies have shown there is ZERO effectiveness in children under 5.

Let’s Get to the Good Stuff ;)

I could keep going on and on with all the information I’ve learned over the years, but how do we stay healthy when there are fears of the flu, Ebola, and this new EnteroVirus D68 in children. We need to be proactive with our health, not reactive. Natures Flu shot includes Vitamin D optimization, probiotics, fish oil, anti-oxidants, eliminating processed food, exercising, washing your hands regularly, with soap and water, and no, Purell does not count. I get adjusted regularly and check my children’s spines once per week. Immune function increases up to 400% with chiropractic. My daily goal is more than 50% of the food I consume is raw. I do this with a breakfast smoothie (veggie to fruit should be a 4:1 ratio), snacking on raw nuts, fruits and raw veggies, as well as juicing daily. And don’t forget plenty of water, at least half of your body weight in ounces.

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